Finding innovation &
Realising innovation

How can your organisation innovate successfully? How do you develop future earning capacity? Six Fingers believes that the methods used by start-ups are also the way to go for corporations. To do that, we make use of a process we developed that is based around the discovery (incubator) and the subsequent realisation of innovation (accelerator). A corporate start-up process is possible at several levels: in new products and services, but also in strategy and marketing. Innovation is also a mindset that can be taught via a process that focuses on learning by doing.

Six Fingers Products


The incubator where ideas for future earning capacity are born. This is where we deploy such tools as Branchmarking, Painstorming and Blue Ocean thinking.


The accelerator that shows start-ups the light. We test the most critical assumptions with prototyping and we develop the start-up via iterations.


Setting a course for the future. Thinking outside your own sector allows you to learn from your predecessors in different fields. This is how we shape the organisation’s sustainable future.


Learn to discover and effect innovation. We train corporations to apply methods for innovation with a focus on learning by doing.

Working together with Six Fingers

We believe that everything has been thought of before and that is why we always think outside our own sector. We know that thinking alone will not change the world, but actions will. Everyone on our team has adopted that philosophy. We quickly move on to doing, because that is the only way to discover whether or not something will work and has value.

Our people are involved, personal and relaxed in their cooperation with our clients. On top of that, we are also critical, honest and focused. A fresh, creative perspective, a practical/inquisitive attitude and being unafraid of trying new things lead to continuous innovation and impact. For our clients and ourselves.

Are you curious yet?

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