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Improvement lies at the heart of an execution organisation. It means optimising the existing situation, with a focus on what you are already doing. The primary concern is the execution of the existing business model. This requires planning, organisation, management and verification. Although all this is of the utmost importance for today’s returns, it is not sufficient to provide a sustainable future.



Realising innovation requires a different kind of organisation and a different approach. Here, the development of future earning capacity is the primary focus. Innovation is an intangible and uncertain business. Innovation requires insight into the pains felt by users, critical evaluation of assumptions, conceptualising creative solutions, iterative development and being able to deal with uncertainties. Six Fingers takes its clients on an expedition to find innovation.

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How does Six Fingers realise innovation?

How can your organisation innovate successfully? How do you develop future earning capacity? Six Fingers believes that the methods used by start-ups are also the way to go for corporations. To that aim, we make use of a process we developed that is based around the discovery (incubator) and the subsequent realisation of innovation (accelerator).

Six Fingers facilitates projects on
multiple levels

We facilitate the corporate start-up process on multiple levels: that of the development of new products and services, as well as the innovation of strategies and marketing. Furthermore, innovation requires a different mindset. It can be acquired through a learning process that focuses on learning by doing.

Somebody, somewhere
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Our conviction

Six Fingers beliefs that solutions for all possible problems already exist. By looking at what others have come up with before you, it is possible to develop new ideas rapidly and very efficiently. The Branchmarking® method gives structure to the creative process. Our database contains over 900 cases of corporations and start-ups from all over the world who are ahead of or challenging the rest of their sector. The cases we select from our database offer the right insights for every project and are proof of the power of combining ideas beyond sector boundaries.

Do you still dare to dream about innovation?

Do you know the feeling of being stuck in one place? Of repeating the old instead of discovering the new? Take a look at our video and start dreaming; 80.000 people already got involved.

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